Asset Based Wellbeing

Asset Based Wellbeing is an Asset Based Community Development programme funded by East Sussex County Council.  The programme has 5 different providers across East Sussex and these providers, in conjunction with the East Sussex County Council Commissioners have worked in partnership to refine and develop its delivery.  As part of this development there have been regular meetings or Learning sets, where partners and Commissioners have shared experiences.  Further to these Learning Sets East Sussex County Council engaged an outside organisation, NEF (New Economics Foundation) to evaluate the programme, develop a toolkit and work with the Learning Sets to develop a Theory of Change as a measurement tool to assess and map local communities. The Theory of Change developed for East Sussex has 5 stages from just getting involved in your community to the last stage where Communities Lead Developments. 


·       The aim of the Asset Based Wellbeing East Sussex Programme is to increase resilience and create more supportive and healthy environments, by building on community capacities to take action together on health and the social determinants of health.


·       The programme Theory of Change supports the establishment of a consistent and flexible, asset based, community led approach to the planning and delivery of the programme.


·       The programme will continue to widen and deepen an asset based, community led approach in existing target communities.


·       The programme will also support any additional communities to identify what is important to them and what they are passionate about, and to mobilise assets to take action together and create change. 


Communities can also be built on a shared identity.  A focus on a community of identity should be based on an assessment of needs and assets, targeting populations at high risk of poor health outcomes.