Communities Against Exploitation

The Safer East Sussex Team, Stop the Traffik and Rother Voluntary Action are working together to raise awareness of the different types of exploitation affecting our communities.
There are many different types of criminal exploitation and many of them exist close to us where we work and where we live. Organised criminals use various tactics to manipulate, threaten and exploit people to buy things, to do things in order to make a lot of money by using deceptive and coercive methods.
Many people do not realise they are being used by criminals. Some people are more likely to become victims than others and we all need to better informed on how this can look when we go about our day to day activities– whether it’s in the town we live or place we work. We all have a role to play in seeing it, recognising it and doing something.
The Communities Against Exploitation Campaign aims to lift the veil on methods used by these criminals by showing you what it can look like and how to spot the signs of exploitation.


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